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One platform to handle all your payments with safety

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How payment protection works

Freelancer & client create & agree the specs in a Job Agreement

Client funds a milestone into a secure escrow wallet

Freelancer completes the milestone work

Client reviews the work and releases the funds to the freelancer

Freelancer gets paid

Protected freelancer payments with escrow

Payment protection

Just as you wouldn't start a new job without a contract, why start without the security of payment protection? Our platform ensures clients receive on time, quality work and freelancers get paid on time and in full. If things go wrong there is a speedy and fair dispute resolution process in place. Read more

Protection for freelancers

Late payment protection

Payment in-full protection

Cancelled milestone protection

Unresponsive client protection

Protection for clients

Late work compensation

Quality of work protection

Freelancer no-show protection

No 50% upfront payments needed

Freealnceing made as easy as a putting on a brew..

Rock bottom fees

Cheaper fees without sacrificing payment security.


For Freelancer

4% of Job value
€3 per withdrawal

Free payment protection for clients

For Client

No fees

Low fee freelancer payments
Secure freelancer payments

Top notch security

When it comes to financial data and safety, there's no room for compromise. Paypact has been built with leading technology, established partnerships & industry standard security practices.


Our payment provider has an E-Money Issuer Licence which legally allows escrow of your funds in guaranteed e-wallets.

Built securely with Azure

Our servers are run on Microsoft's Azure, trusted by some of the biggest financial institutions in the world.

Fully licenced and protected

Guarded with EU Legislature DGS which guarantees up to €100,000.

Make your client's life a breeze with free foreign exchange & easy payments

Free foreign exchange

Clients can pay in GBP, EURO, USD. We don't charge any exchange fees.

Freelancer protection
Easy ways to pay

Your client can fund a job with all major credit/debit cards.


Split jobs into milestones to breakdown large payments.

Smart contracts for freelancing

Use smarter payments on your next project

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